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Tomcat Mining will provide sustainable employment opportunities in a safe environment while providing educational tools for the overall promotion of nuclear power. Employees will receive a middle-income wage with a full benefit package that will allow the small communities that are located in the Uravan Mineral Belt to be sustained with primary jobs. The environmental focus and the introduction of technologically advanced processes in our operations will allow other small service enterprises to be established in those communities, further enhancing the employment opportunities of the citizens in these areas.

As well as the employment offered, direct involvement with schools and other community organizations through donations and participation in their programs will further enhance the communities in which our employees and their families live. The materials that we will use for trade shows will also be used for school programs to teach students as well as adults about nuclear energy. This will encourage a citizenry that makes informed energy decisions in the future.

John Reams - President and CEO

John Reams has been mining in the Uravan Mineral Belt since 1975, when he first began working for different local mining families. His historical knowledge of mining in the area has been culled through personal experience as well as by listening to the old timer’s stories.

In 1978, John started Reams Construction Company, the region's foremost excavation contractor. He has built a successful contracting business which has operated profitably for the past 30 years on the western slope of Colorado. His commitment to safety has earned the company annual safety awards through Associated Builders and Contractors, both locally and nationally.

John opened the Mining Division of Reams Construction Co. in 1989 and contracted to Umetco Minerals at the Ura Mine and the Rim Shaft Mine. He created Tomcat Mining Corporation in 2004 as uranium mining re-emerged, and has positioned the company to be the region's and nation's premier mining contractor.

Jerry Nelson - Executive Vice President

Jerry Nelson began mining in 1977 in the Uravan Mineral Belt with his father, a 40-year mining contractor. He continued to mine until 1990—his last employer being Reams Construction Company's Mining Division—when the entire industry shut down in this area.

During the 14 years between 1990 and 2004, Jerry acted as the General Manager with Reams Construction. Jerry was responsible for all areas of the construction company including safety,owner relations, change orders, estimating, as well as managing all job locations and personnel.

Jerry became the Executive Vice President and acting General Manager of Tomcat Mining Corporation upon its inception in 2004. Since this time, he has managed Cotter Corporation’s SM-18 Mine as well as the Topaz Mine and the West Sunday Mine for Denison Mines.

Jerry specializes in managing multiple sites with round-the-clock staffing. He is responsible for all of Tomcat's MSHA compliance, personnel, safety, mine planning, and mine development.

Dianna Reams - CFO

Dianna is responsible for all accounting and financial functions, permitting, and legal issues.

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