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Tomcat Mining Corporation
PO Box 107
Naturita, CO 81422


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Welcome to Tomcat Mining

Deep down in a sandstone canyon, where the red rock desert rises up to meet the western slope of the Rocky Mountains, there lies a friendly little town called Naturita, Colorado. This picturesque paradise is the home of Tomcat Mining Corporation, one the most modern mining operations in North America.

Since its formation in 2004 as an underground mining contractor, Tomcat Mining Corporation has emerged as a well-respected industry leader. Having previously operated under Reams Construction Company’s Mining Division, the company honed its skills mining for international leaders such as Union Carbide and Umetco among others. Currently, Tomcat Mining is operating at the West Sunday mine, owned by Denison Mines Corporation (USA). We have also mined at the Topaz mine for Denison, as well as at the SM-18 mine for the Cotter Corporation.

Tomcat Mining Corporation’s management and staff have amassed over 200 years of combined experience mining uranium and vanadium in the Four Corners’ states. Our team is a well-balanced mix of seasoned veterans who are training a new generation of miners. And while Tomcat Mining is the foremost authority of the Uravan mineral belt, the company is capable of working on any extraction project anywhere.